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Brand Story

As a technical leading company in AR/VR Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) field, Shenzhen NED Optics Co. Ltd. (NED Optics) is committed to design and manufacture of various near-eye displays (NED) core optical engine, and the development and application of HMDs. NED Optics independently owns the core technologies of near-eye displays. So far the company has submitted over 160 patent applications and nearly 80 patents have been granted in China and USA.

GOOVIS, which means ‘Good Vision’, is the brand of HMDs and smart glasses of NED Optics. The products can be used to view films and videos, play games, and can be applied in industrial fields, such as simulated training, remote control of autonomous vehicles, surgical training systems, myopia prevention and control, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with First Person View (FPV), live broadcast over 5G network, and other professional fields, enjoyed by customers in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

We recently awarded by SGS with the world's first Metaverse series: Low Visual Fatigue certification,  SGS’s Low Visual Fatigue certification, namely the WVF index, indicates the degree of fatigue that users may feel when using a product. The smaller the WVF index is, the lower the fatigue caused by the product. The WVF index combines the results of human factors testing and objective optical testing. The system simulates human visual perception to quickly, accurately, and repeatably complete the objective optical test of the near-eye display. The subjective test part includes brain fatigue index, eye movement, visual function, etc.

Before this, in May 2020, GOOVIS has obtained the TÜV Rheinland certification for providing a comfortable low blue-light viewing environment, becoming the world’s first full-mode low blue-light eye protection headset, defining it as ahead of its competition in user safety.